Hello Everyone!

Our humble apologies for the late announcement. We are honestly sad to announce that we are officially closing the server. In general terms, the reason we created Shaiya4ever is because we wanted to provide enjoyment to the Shaiya EP 4.5 fanatics like us.

Despite of our real life responsibilities, ups and downs; we never stopped creating new ideas and providing you guys with an awesome event/s and unique game updates. But it appears that players are no longer satisfied with our service. We received hundreds of complaints that there is an unbalanced PvP, that the other faction suddenly abandoned the server and no longer participate in a PvP, that we failed to hire a Game Sage fit to support our GMs, players continuously bombard our staffs with rude messages and posting disrespectful threads in our forums, too many complaints in our tickets that are partly non-existent and players are no longer happy that they dislike our newly released game updates.

We do felt so discouraged on what happened to the server but there is no longer reason for us to keep it running.

Again, Shaiya4ever is officially closed. We are cutting any ties to any new server who copied our ideas and approach. We thank our Game Masters, Game Sages and loyal players for the great journey. Thank you for the loyalty, support, encouragement and guidance you have provided us. We had a hell of a blast and you provided us an excellent learning experience on how to maintain a server.
We are not closing doors on Shaiya as this game has been part of us for quite a long time.

Thank you and Farewell!

Best Regards,

Shaiya4ever Staffs