One Account, One Client, Multiple Servers!

Use only one User Account and create your characters across our multiple servers.
All accounts from sh4EVER 2016 was restored and all your characters with their Gold and Items can be found when you login to Zeus Server.
We created a new server Hades with the purpose of facing Zeus players in our upcomming Linked BattleZone.

Hermes server was created to give shaiya enthusiasts a server they always dreamed. FREE, FAST, STABLE and pure PVP.

Legacy Server.
Home of the Legends and Hall of Famers.
Grind, Farm, Bosses and PvP!

The New Born! Fresh and New!
Grind, Farm, Bosses and PvP!
x30EXP, x3KILLS..
All PvP Bosses spawns every 6H.

Instant PvP Server.
Zero Mobs, Zero Bosses.
Lapis, Armors, Weapons are FREE!
100% Enchant and Linking rate!